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Developing Podcasts To Assist Students With The Production Of A Professional Online Presence – Video Introduction

Here are thoughts about the project and the road ahead to get the podcasts created.

The podcasts that are going to be developed (as identified in the bid and based on existing resources) are:

  1. Overview (The Internet and its role in employability)
  2. Preparation (Claiming identities and preparing profiles)
  3. LinkedIn (Using LinkedIn for marketing)
  4. Facebook (Preparing Facebook accounts for public consumption)
  5. Video (Using YouTube for self-promotion)
  6. Web Sites (How to produce a personal web site)
  7. Promotion (Making full use of the social media opportunities)
  8. Advanced (Monitoring sites and demonstrating expertise)

Professional Online Presences

Welcome to this blog about my experiences on the Higher Education Academy project, Developing Podcasts To Assist Students With The Production Of A Professional Online Presence. The work is funded under the Changing the Learning Landscape stream.

The project combines together two topics which interest me, employability and podcasts.

The main purpose of the funding is to allow me to develop experience in creating podcasts. I have current experience creating videos, but working without the visual element is quite a change.

The topic of the podcasts is based around my current work on Professional Online Presences. This is the collection of web sites and online profiles which students (or any other individual) can use to represent themselves online.

The podcasts are to be based around an existing set of eight Professional Online Presences talks which I have already produced for the Higher Education Academy, allowing the idea of repurposing to also be explored. This is also an area which I teach with my own students at Birmingham City University.

This blog will form a collection of topics relating to my experiences around Professional Online Presences and of developing the podcasts.