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Producing The First Podcast In The Series

I wanted to provide an update about the process I used to record the first podcast.

I’ve found that I worked well with two monitors. The first monitor, I had the slides opened. The second monitor, the comments I’d made about where I wanted to talk about the podcast series as a whole and deviate from the original slides.

Here are the notes I made to work from on the second monitor.

Rough plan used to record the podcast

The recording used Camtasia, converted to an MP3 audio. It took me a few goes to get going how I wanted, but in the end, I went for a version created in a single take.

I didn’t exactly stick to the order on the slides, or in the accompanying notes, but I found these to be an excellent pointer to make sure that everything necessary got included, and to make the repurposing as efficient as possible.

Two things to work on now. First of all, recording the other podcasts in the series, and second, getting everything to work with iTunes. I’ll probably do these in parallel.