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Existing Resources About Professional Online Presences

I thought that it would be useful to include links to existing resources, talks and papers relating to Professional Online Presences.

Now, although I consider myself one of the early adopters in this area, there are a lot of other people looking at tangential work on social media use. So, it’s impossible to provide a comprehensive list or look at the different interpretations of what a “Professional Online Presence” is within the confines of this short project. But, I do hope that there will prove to be of interest to people looking to discover more about this field and who are wanting to explore this area with their students.

I am always available to assist with offering talks and professional development opportunities to staff, or presenting my own research in this field.

I also want to acknowledge Sue Beckingham‘s work in this area. Sue is a really champion of Professional Online Presences, and her approach greatly complements what I am doing. There are lots of interesting resources on Sue Beckingham’s SlideShare channel.

Social Media Branding For Computing Professionals

These are the slides from a talk I delivered for the British Computer Society, looking at the work I do with students and how this can be used with professionals.

Developing Student Employability Through The Creation Of Online Professional Identitites

Slides from a Higher Education Workshop I delivered at the University of Salford.

Enhancing the Employability of Computing Students through a Professional Online Presence HEA Workshop

This was an interesting workshop, hosted at Birmingham City University, which I organised. This brought together lots of speakers with experience of different aspects of the whole Professional Online Presences movement (a useful review of the workshop from the Open University can be found here).

Professional Presences For Academics HEA Workshop

Resources from a workshop I organised looking at how academics could enhance their own Professional Online Presence (excellent for demonstrating their own interest in the area to encourage students).

Using Professional Online Presences to Enhance Computing Student Employability

Paper from the Higher Education Academy STEM Conference 2014, reviewing how teaching about Professional Online Presences to students could be seen to improve their employability prospects (copies of the slides from the talk can be viewed here).

Teaching Students about Online Professionalism: Enhancing Student Employability Through Social Media

A book chapter I contributed to the “Cutting-Edge Technologies and Social Media Use in Higher Education” textbook looking at the benefits of Professional Online Presences and how students could construct their own.

A number of posts on Professional Online Presences on my blog may also be interest. Feel free to add to the discussion on any of them.