Here are some useful resources about Professional Online Presences

Academic Publications by Thomas Lancaster

Teaching Students about Online Professionalism: Enhancing Student Employability Through Social Media

Using Professional Online Presences To Enhance Computing Student Employability

Recent Talks by Thomas Lancaster

Developing Podcasts To Assist Students With The Production Of A Professional Online Presence

Developing Student Employability Through The Creation Of Online Professional Identitites

Examples Of Online Promotion For Academics

Constructing A Professional Presence – HEA Professional Presences For Academics

Using Professional Online Presences To Enhance Computing Student Employability

Social Media Branding For Computing Professionals

Other Resources from Thomas Lancaster

Blog posts on Professional Online Presences

Talks by Sue Beckingham

Sue delivers many excellent presentations on Professional Online Presences and you can view them on her SlideShare account.

Workshop Resources on Professional Online Presences

Enhancing The Employability Of Computing Students Through An Online Professional Presence Workshop

This workshop on Professional Online Presences brought together key speakers in the field, including Thomas Lancaster, Andy Hollyhead, John Moore, Mark Ratcliffe, Vanessa Jackson and others. A discussion about the event is available on Christopher Douce’s blog.

Additionally, a set of teaching resources on Professional Online Presences, prepared for the Higher Education Academy, are provided.

Professional Presences For Academics Workshop

This workshop aimed to show academics how they could develop their own Professional Online Presence and to use this when working with students.

Talks from Thomas Lancaster and Sue Beckingham are available. A discussion of the event is available on Sue’s blog.